Minecraft Server: World of the Titans- Part 1 (76/365)

Hello! This is Jonah and Tyler here to do a very special post. Today we are starting to do our server reviews. We plan on making this a continual series with out blog, and we would appreciate some help. If you know of any servers that you or your friends enjoy that we could do a post on, please do tell! Thank you, and let’s begin.

*Note: We have a variety of pictures here. We each took a few pictures of our own. You will be able to tell who took which picture since Jonah uses the standard texture pack while Tyler uses the SMP Revival texture pack. Also, we will interject our own comments here and there. Just in case you get confused on who’s talking (sorry if you do): Jonah and Tyler.

For our very first server, we will start with “World of the Titans.” It’s a relatively new server, but very wonderful and with some helpful admins (Sometimes, more on that later). Here we go!

We started off in the spawn area. The spawn area is, like it sounds, and area where you will spawn for the very first time. They are usually protected from “PvPing” (Player vs Player, where players will commonly hunt down other players and kill them), and griefing(When someone destroys things just for fun, or to steal materiels). Many of them also include rule boards or command options.

An example of a rule board, or rather a command line board. Here the board lists what commands are available to the player

Wot(World of Titans) is a faction based server, which means that if players want to survive and thrive, they need to team up and create a faction. We decided to create our own faction too, which we promptly named BlockVille. However, we had yet to set up a home, or gather materials. Leaving the spawn area we happened upon some artwork. Some of the players, or the admin and moderators, had set up some statues that showcased their character skin.

Shortly after admiring the view of the player characters, we head out of the spawn area, and make a mad dash for wilderness. After dodging creepers, and skeletons, we manage to make it to wilderness. First, we end up near a swamp where I promptly find a hole smack dab in the middle of the swamp.

So Tyler was leaning over the edge and looking down the hole. I sneak up to the edge as well while holding shift. And there’s a slight chance that I accidentally pushed him down. Because the next thing I hear is Tyler screaming and cursing me.

Unbelievable! His first time on a public server and Jonah manages to push me off into a giant pit! He says he didn't mean too but I don't know... Anyway, fortunately I'm a ninja, and ninjas can't die. I'm just lucky I didn't give him any TNT (I crafted some not too long after this "incident").

Anyway, we spent about another 10 minutes heading in the opposite direction of the spawn area. Shortly after, we happen upon a Jungle.

We found a nice tree, climbed up and started building a lovely house.

Our finished house. Here is the deck.

I saw Tyler doing something on the other side of the house and I kept wondering, "What the hell is he doing?!" Well it turns out he was in the process of building a garden.

So Tyler got a little bored, had a flint and steel, and was in the middle of the jungle. Try and guess what he did.

We watch in horror as the jungle slowly burns. Very slowly. Very very very slowly. Why isn't it burning?

We are instantly teleported to the spawn area. This is one of those times when they do help us out by throwing down experience potions on our heads.

Before we get to that, let's show you around the spawn area a bit.

Here is the armor shop. Iron, gold, diamond, all the good stuff.

We aren't VIP's. Sad day.

Some of the other players

Back at our home:

I was jumped off our house. We made a diving board from our house to a pool down below. I died and lost most of my experience. Tyler lost most of his too since he died too (honestly, Tyler must have died 3-4 times, all by my doing. Although I died more than that when I played later that night. More on that later.)

Anyway, I was fixing up the pool so I wouldn’t die and I realized I didn’t have a shovel.

"Hey Tyler! Throw me down a shovel!"

"Ok. You ready? Here it comes!"

"I got it, I got it, I got it! Hey, I actually did get it! Thanks Tyler!"

That’s all for today’s post on this server. We will have a follow-up post for you in the next few days.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY MINING!


Here is a mini-preview of our follow-up post.

What the hell?! Who did this? DARN YOU GRIEFERS!

Hey! Who the hell are you?! Did you do this?! Get away from me!

To be continued…


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