Minecraft Server: World of the Titans- Part 2 (78/365)

Hello everyone. Jonah here. Our last WoT post was written by both Tyler and myself. We will not be doing that for this one since I was the only one who played this time.

Also, I just wanted to let you all know that this 365 project is kind of killing both of us right now. We are at a crucial point in school right now and we have to do a lot of juggling, not to mention we are both busy with our jobs. But, we have been successful so far with our project and we will continue to try to do so. Besides, we only have a few more days to go until spring break and the start of a new quarter which will be much easier for us than this quarter. So I’m hoping that this is going to be easier for us very soon.

Anyway, onto the post. So do you remember in our last post when we said that the admins were helpful most of the time. Well, this is one of those times when they weren’t.

I went back to the server a few hours after Tyler and I were finished. I went to go do some mining and it was going very well. Although, I noticed something rather strange. I went down to a certain point and I turned around to leave when I noticed a wall of obsidian preventing me from leaving. I tunneled around the wall and found a lot of obsidian. The man behind the crimes was no other than one of the admins, TheGodfatha (I think that’s the name, I’m not sure). He disappeared and I returned to our home. I noticed more obsidian crimes occuring. Our home was being filled with obsidian and there was TheGodfatha, and one other person, EPICGREEM. I chased them around and noticed some traps placed on our deck. They wouldn’t stop so I decided to take action. I killed EPICGREEM and took a lot of his stuff. I killed him again when he returned but then he got his revenge.

I was killed many many times after this. Our home became littered with even more traps, obsidian, and other crap. Eventually, I left in anger. I returned later that night. They were there again and more strange things happened. These two very much seemed to me that they are teenagers (maybe in Jr. High) who have almost no lives. They were very immature in their actions and the things they said.

Many times when I was running from them, I had to jump. They clearly saw this coming as they filled up part of the pond where I would most likely fall. Not very bright since it was easy to dodge but whatever.

I jumped in the water before to hide from them and they started to surround the edges with fence posts. I escaped before they could trap me but still annoying.

I just don't know...

The traps

Anyhow, I kept dying. Many many times. Eventually, we had one final confrontation. The admin trapped EG in one of the traps and watched as I killed him. When he returned he tried to kill me but I couldn’t take any damage. I don’t know why but I couldn’t die. They told me how to fix it but I demanded that they fix the house before I did so. They fixed the house but I didn’t fix it. Somehow, EG was able to kill me once again.

That is the end of the story. I died (A LOT), they fixed the house, the end. This whole ordeal makes almost no sense to me but oh well. I don’t know about Tyler, but after this event I have no intention of returning to this server.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Mining!


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