Featured Video: Minerim [81/365]

As we may have mentioned in our previous posts, both Jonah and I have had a very busy, and stressful quarter. We both have Calculus(Calculus=Hell) and lots of other fun classes. This next week will be finals week for both of us. We haven’t had much time to do a big post, or actually play Minecraft. Soon, we shall continue our gaming and blogging! Very soon!

So onto the video. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Minerim refers to two different games. The first, since it’s on a Minecraft blog, refers to Minecraft. And what other amazing game came out last year, and won game of the year. Which game caused us all to quit adventuring, due to an arrow to the knee. That’s right Skyrim. This video combines the best of both, and to be honest, it would be really awesome if this game existed. You know what? If I figure out how to make mods, this’ll be my next project. I hope you enjoy!

Have the best of fun playing Minecraft and Skyrim! Happy Mining! Happy Dragon Killing!

Oh you know you would just love something like this.


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