Featured Picture: “That’sssssss a very nice cake you have there…” (84/365)

Hey everyone! Happy Hunger Games! 🙂

Haha, the movie was amazing. After having two “hellish” weeks at school it was good to be able to do something fun. 20 months until Catching Fire!

Anyway, I was looking around on the internet today trying to come up with an idea for a cool post. I found a neat Minecraft blog and found some awesome pictures on there. You can check the blog out here: http://lazcraft.info/. One picture in particular struck me as being super awesome. I found it especially funny because Tyler and I were talking yesterday about how when we are done with our 365 project we should make (or buy) a special minecraft themed cake to celebrate. We have one idea which would be cool, but this…this takes the cake (pun intended, haha).

LOOK AT IT! Is that not awesome? Anyone hungry for cake yet?

Seriously, this is too cool.

These pictures actually originated from http://iventuredfromminecraftia.tumblr.com/post/19806810374, I just found them on the previous site.



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