Day 28- Repairs Part 2 (86/365)

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Quick post tonight as I have Spanish work to do…probably going to start it a little later than I should have but I forgot about it until a little while ago. Oops…

I made a few more repairs on my island today. In fact, my island is about 99% done. Just a few more tiny things to do like putting in trees, grass, wheat plants, etc. Not only did I fix my island, but I took the opportunity to improve it. Check it out.

My island is almost fully repaired.

I fixed a little itty bitty flooding issue in the underground railroad.

The bridge is completely fixed

Melon garden is rebuilt and already producing

Still thinking about what to do with this crap

If you remember, the treehouse looked pretty bad last time we left it. I rebuilt the house, put leaves all over the place and then made some big interior improvements.

Nice window right? There are some blocks in the way. There are sort of supposed to be like shades, however, I’m not perfect.

New light source


I fixed the piston door to my castle and realized I was doing it a really stupid way this whole time. I didn’t realize that all I needed was 3 pieces of redstone. I was using 20-30 before

Got rid of all the other stupid light sources

Re-positioned everything and added a new light.

I changed the fireplace a lot. Fire at the touch of a button by using a dispenser, fire charge, and a circle block. There’s also a turn-off switch (water).


Off. It’s nice because it also acts as an indoor fountain.

There is the dispenser outside

Enough fire charges to last me a few hundred uses, no big deal.

Piston for the water (off-switch)

New lights everywhere and I also got rid of all the dirt and replaced it with stone.

Now there’s a bedroom, although, there’s nothing in there yet.

By the way, you know how the nuke exploded in the ocean and the shockwaves took out a part of my Nether portal. I did some tests to find out exactly what the power of a nuke is.

We know that obsidian has a blast resistance of 6,000. So this is a 3×3 cube of obsidian with a nuke in the center. Now if the shockwaves from a nuke can destroy obsidian, what do you suppose a direct blast does?

I’m gonna back up a bit…


So here is 100+ blocks of obsidian generously scattered around 1 nuke. Let’s see what happens…

Holy fudge! 23 obsidian blocks survived. The rest were destroyed. Wow. Seriously, don’t mess with a nuke.

Knowing all this I tried a nuke on bedrock. The bedrock won.

When I tried about 60 nukes on bedrock my computer exploded. I figured it would be utterly destroyed by it, but I had to try. Maybe it worked…the world will never know.

Happy Mining!

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