The Block Brother’s Server is Up! (88/365)

If you didn’t get this from the title, The Block Brother’s server is up. Recently(today actually) Jonah and I got our server set up using Hamachi. Hamachi is a great tool that allows you to connect to other computers, and then to servers. It also makes it ALOT easier than changing router settings. The only downside is that you then require hamachi to play on that server

It’s incredibly easy to set up, and once you get it set up some fair warning. If you play and host on the same server at the same time, expect lag. Lots of it. Unless you have a powerful computer(more on that later). There was a near 30 sec delay between what I see on the server and what Jonah sees. Not that is not manageable. So, after a bit of brainstorming, Jonah and I decided to ask someone we knew who had a beast of a computer. After convincing him, he seemed excited that he would host our server. He has a fairly powerful computer which normally allows him to play at 300 fps+. Once he set the server up and allowed us to play on it at the same time, his fps dropped to 100. Which is still really wonderful. Keep in mind I normally play at 30-40 fps at short distance while he plays 100fps+, with all the graphics options turned up at full distance.

So, to sum it up, we should be able to create some more mod reviews, possibly make some movies, make some more Lost videos,(as soon as I watch the series) and possibly make a let’s play series. Just thought I’d tell you guys this, We even got ourselves some pics! Enjoy! Happy Mining!

Our starting island.

A beautiful Jungle forest I created on our island.

Burning the forest

Burnt Forest

There we are. I hope you enjoyed the pics. Links down below

Hamachi download page:

Wonderful site to help set up:


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