Minecraft Worlds(89/365)

Today, while I was surfing the internet, I came upon a Minecraft server website. This website, http://minecraftworlds.info/ , seems to be quite the website, and quite the server. Now I can say that I haven’t tested the server out just yet, but from first glances it seems to be a good server. The website itself offers a lot of features and options.

The main page of Minecraft Worlds. Notice all the toolbars and news.

The server also offered a really awesome map feature where you can see where people are and the geography of the server. Very cool.

Like I said, very cool.

This functional map also offers a near google-maps-like functions,such  as zooming in and pannning. I think this is a really cool feature.

The server also included their own ranks with who owns the most money. The server is probably an economy based server. I will definitely do an in-depth review on a later post.

What I found the most unique, was the stocks. This minecraft server offers stocks, and the prices of block change based on demand& supply. Finally, all those days learning about the boring world of finance pay off. I assume that the people at the top of the lists probably predicted the rising prices and bought while the blocks were cheap.  Definitely very cool. I’m personally really excited to try this feature out when I do my post.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining! Live your virtual life to it’s fullest!


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