Day 30- Repairs Part 4 (90/365)

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Hello one and all. I’m writing this post very rapidly once again because I must head off on an adventure! I am going to early registration for college as well as a scholarship interview. It isn’t until tomorrow but since it starts really early we have to be there tonight. This scholarship could be the difference between $8,000/year and $22,000/year so…wish me luck.

Anyway, I have completely finished my repairs. I know it’s rather surprising but I decided not to rebuild my house on the hill. I decided it would just be too repetitive to make more posts about the house building efforts. That and it took a long time to build. Anyway, the rest is done.

So you know I created a cover for the hole in order to fill the thing back up with water. I finished that and then started to destroy the piece of land. I thought about building something else on this island but I opted out. Destroying this land was taking too long and I’m not a patient person so I decided to try something else.

I looks like there are a bunch of roses on the island…wait, those aren’t roses…TNT!!!

Muah ha ha ha. I love TNT. I don’t love nukes anymore though.

There it is. It doesn’t look so bad. You can definitely tell where the damage is but no big deal.

I also burnt down the wooden castle again. I forgot about it until today so I figured I would have another bonfire. No pictures though, sorry.

I also repaired both of the other Mo’ Explosives holes that came back after Minecraft updated.

They look a lot better than the last time I fixed them.

That’s all folks. Repairs are done. And now I have to find something else to do. I am thinking about multiple possibilities but I don’t know yet. We will have some more server posts and videos coming soon. And you will meet a new character on our blog. I don’t think he will write any posts but he will be included in them. We are going to try to make LOST videos again soon. Stay tuned and Happy Mining.

Again, wish me luck! (I need it)

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