Guns in Next Minecraft Update! (92/365)

Hey guys, what’s up? We’ve got some exciting news for you today. I’m actually really really excited about this. I think it’s gonna be sweet. Jeb announced that there will be something very big in the next Minecraft update. Guns.

It’s the thing we have been dreaming about for a long time. Finally we will be able to kill a pig or a cow with style…gruesome style. Some people may be wondering, “Why do we need guns? We already have bows.”

We don’t need guns, duh. But they are going to be so cool. Jeb is going to start out small with perhaps just a standard pistol and maybe some kind of rifle (possibly with a scope).

Are you tired of having to kill animals with a stupid sword?

Is your bow becoming outdated and boring?

Then look no further. TA DA! Minecraft guns! that is class. Zombie killing with a high-powered rifle.

You give a man a pork chop and he eats for a day. You teach a man how to shoot pigs and he will eat for a lifetime.

Are you guys excited yet? Well get excited! This is going to be fun. I don’t know yet how it is going to work exactly. I don’t know what the recipes are or what the ammo will be. But I am sure that more details will come in the near future. They may even be included in a future snapshot. Stay tuned for more Minecraft gun info.

Thanks for reading, Happy Mining, and April Fools. 🙂

I’m sorry for playing such a cruel joke on you. If you actually believed me for a second there then I apologize, but it is April Fool’s Day anyway. There will be no guns implemented into Minecraft in the next update nor is there a plan for them to be implemented. There are mods for guns though, so if you really want a gun then go check out those mods.

Again, thanks for reading and sorry for the mean joke. I laughed though.


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