You are Minecraft! (95/365)

So last night while playing some late night Minecraft I found a very awesome server linked through Minecraftforum. This server, youareminecraft, is a tribute set up to Notch and Mojang and everyone else in the community. Basically, this server is a classic mode server where you can create your skin, or your in-game avatar for the rest of the world to see. Now I thought this was one heck of an amazing idea, so I went ahead and joined the server.

Here is the default avatar before I change it into my look.

Now I have some pictures featuring my progress making my skin. It is more difficult than it looks, but it was really fun.

I finished the head

Now I've finished the head and the arms.

Almost done!

And done! I think I did a pretty good job, don't you think?

There were also a lot of wonderful skins all around, some of them weird…..

Like this one

and some of them were pretty cool.

I believe that the server is run in Germany, and taking German in High school is starting to pay off!

Sweet, I can understand it all!.

And for non-German speakers there is an English rule board on the other side.

Another really cool feature is the dynamic map. Through an internet browser, you can view the entire world with all of it’s skins in a google map-like way. Although it is very difficult to find your skin.

And that isn’t even all of them.

I may have found my skin.

By checking out my row number,

And looking on the map…

I found myself but not my skin. I believe that the maps updates once a day, and seeing as I cannot get onto the map at this time, it must be updating. Anyway, I think you should all do this. This monument will let us record a part of our history,a  part of our lives, a memoir to the man and his team that made the most influential game of the century. I think it is our duty, and besides, it is amazing to look at some of the other skins, and artwork created by other people.

Server Ip:


Dynamic Map:

Thanks for reading, and Happy Mining!

On another note, if you wish to see my avatar and my notes to Notch, type /home SunBurntIcarus in the chat box. Thanks!


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