Day 31- High-Tech Island (96/365)

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With the help of the recently downloaded Wireless Redstone mod, I was able to fully renovate my island. I wanted to make it so that every light on the island turned on with just one switch. Initially, that idea seemed inconceivable because there would be no way I could make such a complicated redstone circuit.

I remembered reading about some Wireless Redstone mod before while on the Minecraft Wiki. So I went there again and confirmed my suspicions. I found the mod, downloaded it, and went crazy.





Not a creature was stirring…

not even a pigman.

What is this magical switch?

Oooo…after a two-second lag all the lights came on. Yeah, there’s lag. It’s only because I’m using almost 100 receiver blocks. Yeah…I’m crazy.

I tried to cover up most of the receiver blocks. But when it just made the structure look like crap I just decided to leave them alone.

Seriously. Try covering all of those up and make this tower look nice.

This was really the only new addition to my island besides all the lights and redstone systems.

New lights for my garden too.

I made a automatic switch for the Nether portal too. I haven’t found a way to turn it off yet though.

That’s it. My island has caught up with the Minecraft 1.2 era. It was pretty old school before with glowstone and fire. Pfft, that is soo Minecraft Alpha…I’m sorry I feel really stupid for saying that. I hate it when people say “That is soo [time].” It really annoys me but I thought it was kinda funny here.

Anyway, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!

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