Featured Pictures: Endermen Mosh Pit (97/365)

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I went to THE END one day just for fun. I had already killed the dragon and decided to kill a crap load of Endermen. They deserve it.

I hit one and then it started to follow me. I hit another and the both were following me. I hit 40 more and then there were 42 Endermen following me. Ok, I made those numbers up but it’s a good approximation.

Holy s***! That's a lot of Endermen.

Stay away from me you bastards! I WILL END YOU!


Taste my diamond blade you purple-eyed monsters!

Yeah that's right bitch. Can't touch this...

That's a lot of XP

Oh no not more of them!

I'm surrounded! Notch! Somebody help!

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!

Obviously I was playing in Creative mode. You didn’t really expect me to play in Survival mode did you? Pfft, crazy person.

Happy Mining!


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