Featured Mobs: Ocelot/Cat (98/365)

Hello and welcome to “Featured Mobs!” This is a new section, that I have decided to write for the blog. In this section we will highlight mobs, give advice on how to kill/run/tame them, and all sorts of things. This is the place if you want a guide to Minecraft mobs! Without further ado, here we go!

To start us off, we will highlight the ocelot, also known as cats.


Ocelots are passive mobs that only spawn inside jungle biomes. They are the second mob to become tamed,(following wolves). Once tamed the ocelot turns into a cat, which will then follow the player character around, but not as closely as the wolf would. Unlike wolves, cats do not fight back, or protect the player from any hostile mobs/players. However, due to their natural ability, they serve as a creeper deterrent. Any creeper nearby will immediately flee the area. Even if the creeper is provoked, it will flee from a nearby cat or ocelot. Occasionally, cats or ocelots will attack chickens at random, although not enough to be an annoyance. Cats do not take fall damage, and teleport to the player if there is enough distance between them.


As said before ocelots will only spawn in Jungle Biomes. They can be very difficult to find, due partially to the claustrophobic nature of the jungle biome. However it seems that ocelots will spawn inside of leaves, and bushes, which also makes it difficult for players to find them. They only spawn on grass or leaf blocks at any light level. You can forcefully spawn them using the ocelot egg item in Minecraft creative.


While the ocelot appears to look like a miniature leopard, cats have three different appearances.

The wild ocelot.

With tamed cats you have three different varieties. The first,(and most common variety) is the tabby cat. The tabby cat is orange coloured with stripes of a darker orange, with a white tail tip and feet. After that, the next most common variety is the “Tuxedo cat”. The tuxedo cat is nearly all black save for some white for their feet and tail tip. Lastly, we have the siamese cat. The siamese cat is the rarest of all the cat varieties, and is colored a neutral gray, white, and black. As an exception from the other cats, the siamese has blue eyes instead of the normal green. There is absolutely no difference in behaviour, strength, or anything between the different breeds besides appearance.

All of the different cat varieties.


Cats and ocelots are one of the few mobs who can(and will) sprint. Cats will commonly attempt to sit upon any chest, furnace, or bed within five blocks. When cats sit upon chests and beds, they become unusable unless the ocelot/cat is removed.


In order to tame an ocelot into a cat, you require fish. A cat requires on average about 3-5 fish, although that may change. The ocelot, being very timid, can be difficult to tame. You need to be in the ocelot’s sight range and manage to stand still in order to lure the ocelot in. Once you stand absolutely still, you need to have your crosshairs over the ocelot with some raw fish held. Usually, the ocelot will home in on the player, and you can tame the ocelot.

Once the ocelot is tamed, and you manage to have two of them, you can now breed the cats. In order to breed the cats you need to have two raw fish, one for each. Once each of the cats is fed, they should get closer to each other. Very shortly, you should notice a smaller version of the cat moving around. You now have a kitten. This kitten, will be one of the parents breed, usually the one you fed the fish to first. On a side note, kitten’s heads are proportional to their body sizes.

There we are! I hope you enjoyed the Featured Mob spotlight, stay tuned as I will no doubt be adding more posts. Happy Mining!


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