Minecon 2012(103/365)

Hello there, Tyler here for a quick bit of Minecraft news!

So, as many of you may be well aware of, last year there was the first ever Minecon. Minecon was a celebration of all things minecraft, a convention where Notch and Mojang would attend, release news, and talk with players. Along with the staff at Mojang, a lot of other famous minecraft celebrities went. The Yogscast for one, Seannanners, and Captain Sparklez went. And for the news, this year there is going to another Minecon held this year. This Minecon, unlike the first which was held in Vegas, will be held somewhere in Europe. Sadly neither Jonah or I went to the one in Vegas, and we definitely won’t be going overseas. But hey, if you want us to make a truly awesome post about Minecon, send some funds our way and we will. Anyway, that was the news for today. I hope you enjoyed the quick post, and here is a video for you viewers.

Happy Mining!


11 comments on “Minecon 2012(103/365)

  1. This is really cool, unfortuately, im from australia, but, can you check if there is a minecon coming to australia?

    • Sadly, I do not believe that there is a Minecon coming to Australia anytime in the near future. Minecon was held as a once-a-year event in one specific location. That might just change sometime, but until then it doesn’t look too likely. I’ll be sure to tell you if they do announce on for Australia.

  2. Thanks, Do you play minecraft? if you do, eemail me because i have a server and you need Hamachi for it, but if you have a server, that will be much more helpful!!

    • Yes. Tyler, Riley, and I play quite a bit of Minecraft, our entire blog is dedicated to it. We spend a bit of time on Cobble Town. It is a very nice server made by a person with a zero-tolerance policy on griefing, that’s why it is great. I recommend that you check it out. The IP is cobbletown.dyndns.org. And you can check out a detailed explanation on how to download plugins here: http://www.informatics-tech.com/how-to-install-plugins-on-a-minecraft-server.html

      • Yeah, buti don’t have a bucket server I have a hamachi server, and I need to know how to install plugins on that!

      • Ok, to clarify things a bit for you. A “Bukkit” server is a very simple to use server that allows you to easily add mods and other such programs without very much effort or know-how in the way of editing files. All a Hamanchi server does is allow a person to connect to the computer that is hosting the server, without the hassle of configuring the network or the router. Now it is impossible to install plug-ins for a Hamanchi server as all it allows is connection. If you want the plug-in, your best bet is to go onto the plug-in’s website or forum page that you wish to have, and use a youtube video on how to install that to a server. in short: Plug-in’s are mods that have been configured to work with Bukkit, the can work as mods though for a normal server.That’s all I can really offer, so the best of luck, and I hope this helped a bit!
        As a side note, Jeb stated that in the future mods will work similar to the Bukkit layout. If you didn’t know already, the Bukkit team has already joined Mojang, so expect the process to be even easier.

      • This link absolutely does NOT work, i have tried 3 times but it says ‘java’ is not rcognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
        press any key to continue…

      • i know sorry about that, but if you were willing to make the server for me, what would you do?

  3. Ok, now as I had stated, you CANNOT install any plug-ins on Hamanchi Servers. You can however find that plug-in, as a mod, and install it on your server. I would recommend looking up a youtube video, or something of that sort in order to best help you. Although I consider myself somewhat talented with this stuff, even I cannot do everything. Best of luck for you!

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