A Survival Life: Day 1(106/365)

Hello, Tyler here. Today I decided to do something different compared to recent versions of my posts. While I have always tended to focus on news and updates, I realized I have done very  few “actual” Minecraft posts. So, after looking around on some websites, I found a wonderful seed to start a fresh new world in. However there is a twist.

Why what could that be?

I will be playing this world on the highest difficulty, Hardcore. So not only are the mobs the toughest, I have one life, one. I fall too high, I lose my world, I light myself on fire, I lose my world. I’ve decided to try to last the longest that I possibly can, and not die obviously.

Hardcore, you betcha’.

With the best of luck, everything will go great.

It’d be a ssshame if ssomething were to happen.

Well then, without further ado let’s start.

The seed that I used managed to spawn me on a nice sized mountain island. The island is not only very mountanious and difficult to maneuver, but there was only about three trees on the entire island. And of course, in order to reach them I had to climb the mountains.

Moving over the ….western part of the island? you can see my home.

Not the greatest, but it serves as a nice shelter.

My home, while on the small side, offer the needed protection from mobs such as skeletons, and creepers. It’s built entirely out of wood, so I don’t want to be messing around with fire. Actually come to think about it, I shouldn’t ever be messing with fire. I do tend to be a little bit of  a pyromaniac in Minecraft… And real life I suppose. Anyway you may notice the fencing. I plan on having a chicken farm, as soon as I get the eggs to hatch.I’ve thrown about 24 eggs in the fence already, and can you guess how many hatched? None. Yes, none. Out of all 24 eggs none of them hatched. The wiki states that 1 in 8 eggs will hatch a chicken, and yet the odds seem to be against me. At least I have a wheat farm, that hasn’t produced any wheat either. Either Hardcore difficulty messes with the game mechanics, or Notch is laughing at me.

See, I know he’s smiling at my failure. I know it!

Let’s move on to the interior of my house. My house isn’t a square like most houses, but tends to curve along with the peninsula that it’s built on. It’s all equipped with everything I need.

Except for a bed, or an emergency escape, or weapons, or….

And I still need to finish the floor.

Right before my home, I’ve planted a tree farm. This tree farm, spawned out of a single tree, supplies all the materials I need. I can heat the logs for charcoal, make shelter, tools, and cook my food with these trees.

My trees.

I eventually plan on populating the entire island with trees, all spawned from one tree. Everything should be good. Unless of course, they contract a disease and all wilt. But this isn’t real life, it’s Minecraft. No need to worry about the Emerald Ash Borer. Anyway, let’s continue. On the pilgrimage back up the mountain, to get some more chicken eggs, I noticed something. A poor little cow, stuck on a mountain, with no way down.

Don’t worry I’m here to help!

Well, after “accidentally” killing the cow in the process, I headed back home, just in time for nightfall. Actually to be honest, this would be my second night fall, as I had built my house the day before without taking any screenshots. Well with the best of luck, I should be able to pass my second night without any trouble.

Oh dear…

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