Some News(108/365)

Hello there, Tyler here. Today I’m just going to do a quick post, but share some news. Let’s begin

For number one, a little more than a week ago, the Block Brothers,Jonah and I have managed to do our 100th post. That means that we have been providing our viewers(you) with a new post every day for nearly a third of a year. When you think about it, how two people have managed to do a post everyday, it’s kinda cool.

Secondly, As I have stated before, (And after being reminded about once a day from Jonah) I will be doing my Mo’Creatures post relatively soon. I don’t have any photos yet, but as soon as I get Mo’Creatures to work, I’ll do a post

And Lastly, this is a video shared by MinecraftForum, which features some crazy redstone work. Now, I can barely get redstone circuits to work, and to create a randomizer and all that customization? Just flies right over my head.

Here you are! Sorry for the quick post tonight, but I became a little off-topic today. Happy Mining! And have a wonderful day!


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