Minecraft Snapshot 12W16A! (110/365)

Well if the title didn’t fill you in already, there is a new snapshot out for release. In this snapshot, believe it or not, there are not only bug fixes but new features. And some of the new features seem to be pretty cool.

Ok, so remember back in 1.1ish how Mojang introduced the world generation feature, how we can have a normal world or a superflat one? Well adding to that concept, this snapshot has a couple new options for this feature. There is a Bonus chest option under the generate world that will allow the world to generate a treasure chest, I think? Hopefully filled with diamonds.

You wish.

The very best part about this update is the commands. We all know about server commands, with the Yogscast, and their teleporting and changing time, and spawning items. Well there is now an option to add that for the singleplayer world. No need to worry about finding Diamonds, when you can spawn them in. Or who needs a bed, when you can change the time? The possibilities are awesome.

/give player some 46 =)

Anyway, that was the post. I hope you enjoyed a quick Minecraft update and news. Happy Mining!

Here is the link to the snapshot for the client version: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w16a/minecraft.jar

The server version can be found on Mojang’s website. Just google it, don’t be lazy!


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