Featured Pictures: Tyler vs. Riley (112/365)

Yesterday Tyler, Riley, and I were playing on our server and we decided to have a few battles between one another. First of all, you guys remember Riley, right? Tyler mentioned him a few posts ago as our newest member. He won’t be writing any posts but he will often be featured in our posts, mainly when we our playing on a server. Anyway, here were the battles. These were fought on equal terms. Just swords and bows, no enchantments, all diamond armor/weapons.

Riley vs. Jonah = RILEY

Tyler vs. Jonah = TYLER

Riley vs. Tyler = …let’s find out

Ladies and gentlemen here are your competitors. To the left we have 1111framed aka Riley, and to the right we have SunBurntIcarus aka Tyler.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,


Tyler strikes at Riley from the air but misses.

Riley blocks Tyler’s assault

Tyler goes in for a jumping strike and…fails again.

Tyler strikes Riley again.

oh and Tyler’s running for safety now

Look at him run! Where is he going though?

Into a hallway. This may be the end for one of them

Riley is on the pursuit and…

There he is…running at Tyler

They have exited and now the fight continues…

Its getting close to the end…who’s it gonna be?

Tyler hits Riley…

Both are keeping their distance waiting for the final kill

Riley’s hit, oh will Tyler prevail?

Riley’s moving in for the kill and…

What? No picture? Yeah sorry I missed the final pic. Anyway, in the end Riley defeated Tyler. The battle lasted for about 2 minutes.

Riley vs Tyler = Riley

Happy Mining!


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