Minecraft Tip #17 (113/365)

Hello, Tyler here for a Minecraft Tip: Bring water with you!

This tip holds true everywhere, no matter where you go. The possibilities of a water bucket can be endless. From putting out fires, and creating bridges with lava. You can also use water as a ladder or a tool against mobs. Mobs have a very difficult time reaching you if there is water  in the way, as they will just slowly swim towards you. Today I’ll show you one of the main reasons for bringing water with: Lava.

Here, upon finding a pool of lava, you may want to use some water to cross safely. For creative purposes, let’s assume that this is the only way across. =)

After using a source of water…..

A bridge of obsidian, and some minerals ready to mine! Sweetness!

There you are, the post for today! Come back tomorrow for more!

Happy Mining everyone!



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