Cobble Town Preview and Enderman Goes Boom (116/365)

Hey everyone! I was hoping to do another server review for you today but unfortunately the server I was planning to do a post on, it’s called Cobble Town, is not working very well. I’m not sure why but there has been a constant lag on the server for the last couple days. I was able to get on today and take one quick preview picture for you and then I had to disconnect before the lag drove me crazy.

This server is the exact opposite of the one we reviewed for you yesterday. No griefing is allowed or tolerated, it is not a PvP server, it is strictly to build and have fun. I honestly prefer these servers a bit more than the PvP ones. Though, there are pros and cons to each. Anyway, it is a really fun server that Tyler originally introduced me to. You might want to check it out, that is, when it starts working better.

This is the area in which we live on the server. It’s a very nice place that Tyler and Riley found. A few other people moved in too, although, I still need to have a little “chat” with some of them. I might discuss that later.

Anyway, since this is kind of a cheap excuse for a post, I found a fun video you Miners might enjoy.

How do you guys feel about Endermen? I imagine that we all share the same feeling. Well, one person decided to create a little “tribute” to our dear friend, the Enderman. You may have seen some of his videos before. They are known to be quite…explosive. Let’s take a look.

Happy Mining!


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