Minecraft Snapshot 12w17a! (117/365)

Hello all, Tyler here. Today I have some more news for you, including information on the newest snapshot, and a little bit of information about a future project. So… Let’s begin!

Very recently The guys at Mojang released the newest Minecraft snapshot, 12w17a. Now I know, they release snapshots like crazy but there are some nice features. A couple of bug fixes are included also, along with something secret. Anyway, here is the “official” list of the updates.

  • Added editable books
  • Wooden half slabs in four colors (and they act as wood instead of stone)
  • Bug fixing and tweaks, notably about entity collisions, “picking blocks” (creative mode), and chat
  • Some other, censored stuff

Now let’s start off, editable books? That’s right, we may now write in books. This is my favorite part about this update. Not only will this feature add wonderful capabilities to adventure maps, imagine a wonderful place to write down your coordinates. The possibilities are endless. You could write a quick guide to a certain mob, put it into a chest until later, and open it back up. Now the cool thing is that until you finish the book you can rewrite and add to it anytime. Until you “sign” off on it, the book is completely editable. What would be really cool, is how servers can write rules in the books for new people, or likewise for factions. Very cool!

We will also have wooden slabs with all the different colors of the wood rainbow. That’s a pretty cool feature but the second part is even better. You can destroy half slabs of wood, like you would with wood. You no longer require a pick in order to remove the half slabs anymore. Thank goodness, that was always annoying. As a side note, anyone notice how much more that has been done with minecraft since Jens took over? Just saying.

We have the usual bug tweaks.

Also, there is some cool options with the chat bar now. You can change the opacity of the chat if you wish to be able to see more of the game. And even better, you can completely turn off the chat! Now that’s a good improvement. Admit it, we’ve all been on those servers, where people are constantly chatting about something random, or people are yelling out “Penis!” or “Boobies.” Thank god we can shut that off. Also, you can also just shut off game chat, or commands. Kind of cool.


Heres a video to sum up everything in the post,( No, it’s not mine.)

As to the news, Riley, Jonah and I are planning on doing a massive project really soon. We hope that it turns out well, and we will release more information as we go. And as a totally worthless hint; it’s going to be a video series!

There you are! I hope you enjoyed the post! Happy Mining!

Here’s the link for the client snapshot: http://mcf.li/I7BnWN

And the server snapshot: http://mcf.li/Ie7k5i



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