Minecraft Server: Cobble Town (118/365)

Yes, I will actually post about Cobble Town this time. I don’t know if it hasn’t been working well over the past couple days or if my computer has just been crappier but I have been experiencing some terrible lag when attempting to play on the server. Anyway, it has been working better for me now so here goes.

Although, I would first like to give a shout-out to everyone out there. The Block Brothers has never been a truly popular blog, compared to some of the bigger ones out there, but we’ve written a post day after day (no easy task I assure you, even for two people) in an attempt to get more views and just be known. So a thanks to those who have already liked or followed us you guys are awesome. But the point I am trying to make is that our views have never been huge, until today. Our previous max number of views in a given day was 52. Our numbers have been rising ever since we started this blog, in the big picture, but today it skyrocketed. When I came on here at around 6 or 7 pm I noticed that the number was about 120…and rising. While 120+ views in a day is not a big deal to some, it is a big deal to pair of people with a much smaller blog. It’s just nice to be noticed. So, thanks again to all, you’re awesome. That is my little speech for today, now on to the server.

Like I said the other day this is a “just for fun” server. No PvP, no griefing, nada nada limonada. Just about having fun building stuff. It is what singleplayer survival is but with more people. So go ahead kids, go have fun. Unless, for some reason, you don’t like fun. Do you?

This is my underground base

My base is hidden underneath these trees

Riley lives in there, nice place huh?

More melons!!!

Tyler’s house

A giant wheat garden. Gosh it’s huge, it’s almost like they’re trying to hide something…

Like that maybe

A huge bookshelf and enchanting area I created, plus the brewing stand

Melons, wheat, and sugar cane, OH MY!

Here is the spawn area. A giant and special portal that goes to many different places.

Another, mini portal

This is the cobble town living area. You can buy land and build a house here, or go out in the real world and build your own house on your own land…like a man.

Some cool houses

Anyone need to go to the bank?

There was some other stuff in the area that I would’ve gotten pics of but I was getting swarmed by skeletons and spiders…and I didn’t have a sword or any armor at this time. So I died, duh. If you would like to see more of this then you should check out the server for yourself, it’s pretty cool.


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