News, World of Fun Server Update, Awesome Minecraft Stuff (120/365)

Hey y’all how’s it going? This is a quick post and will cover a few things. Let’s get started so I can go to bed.


The last three days have been more than shocking in terms of views on our blog. Just look.

We went from 23 views on Thursday to 135 views on Friday.

So that’s the big news. The other thing is that you may have noticed that Tyler and I promise to do a lot of posts on here (LOST videos, mob spotlights, mod reviews) and never do them. Well, blame school. We have 6 more weeks of this hell that is high school and then summer. In the summer we can do a lot more with this blog because, simply, we will have so much more time. So please hang in there with us as we try to survive the end of the year.

World of Fun Server Update:

We lost our diamonds. 😦

The vault.

But where are the diamonds. There should be two chests full of them right here!

Where are they?!

Just water?! I want my diamonds back

Hey at least they left the TNT. Muah ha ha.

Here you go. They left 26 diamonds for us. Either they were feeling nice or they just didn't look here.

There were tons of diamond blocks here before. Darn.

You see that stone cube sorta thing down there? That used to be diamond, not stone. Solid too, not hollow.

Sad face. Almost all of our diamonds, gone. *Tears running down face*

I guess the admins or someone found out about the little glitch and that we spawned in a lot of diamonds. I guess I can tell you now too that we had 40,000 DIAMONDS! Now we have 26 diamonds.

Oh well. We won the war so we didn’t really want to play on the server anymore. We are back to our server, which we have updated. We are now using the Hack/Mine mod which you may have seen on The Yogscast. It’s pretty cool, I will try to do a post on it one day. We are going to start a video series eventually all about it.

Awesome Minecraft Stuff:

Here is a neat website showing the Top 11 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations. Most of them are pretty old, from the Alpha days.

Finally, I found another cool thing. I thought Tyler would appreciate this the most since he seems to like putting a troll face picture in his posts every now and then.


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