A Survival Life:Day 2(121/365)

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Hello, Tyler here for Day two of “A Survival Life!”  Sorry about the wait, but that could not have been helped. I’m up to my knees with work, school, and scholarship applications. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Today I thought I would show off the infamous fertile chickens of my island. I am curious as to why their eggs don’t work, I mean… Eggs are meant to be thrown, right?

Here is the faithful chicken that has given me all 16 or so eggs that never worked. Does Minecraft have infertile animals?

So, I’ve now officially made it through the very first night on my hardcore playthrough. To be honest, I half expected to be mobbed by hundreds of creepers and zombies to break down my doors. However, I didn’t find a single enemy except for the skeleton in my other post. But I did wake up to a wonderful sunrise in the morning.

Until the lag forced me back down to short. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

So today I made a few goals for myself to day before the (virtual) day was over. The priority was fixing the farm. The farm just plain annoyed me, and I would rather not have to walk right through it to get to my house. Since I already had plans as to what to do with the current farm location,  I decided to expand a bit on my peninsula.

For the moment it looks a little awkward, but it will get better.

I ended up having a bit of fun removing my old farm, I got about 7seeds from it which is about 9 less than I had originally put into it. But anyway, I did have fun doing the bunny hop to destroy the soil.

Bouncy, Bouncy Dwarf. =)

Also today I put up a chicken farm in place of the wheat farm. I would have to say these chickens are pretty lucky, they even get a pool! Just for clarification, the baby chickens are the result of breeding chickens with wheat, and one of them was from an egg. The first one! Woo!

I added on to the back/front of the house(depending on where you consider the front). I haven’t used it for anything just yet, but as soon as I find some watermelon seeds then I will have more food and a melon farm!

No the most useful just yet, but pretty soon it should be useful.

On a random note before I finish up the post, I would like to post some pics showing the amount of diamonds we received from the glitch on the World of Fun server.


Now to finish it up, I want to ask you all, our wonderful readers and followers of the blog, where should I move to? I do not really like where I currently live, and I need to expand. So I’m offering a few options, a few of them being on the side of mountains. I think a mountainside home would be really cool, but I am not against other suggestions. if you have any other ideas, do tell! Leave your response in the comments as you would. Thank you and here are the options!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Or should I leave the island entirely and explore?

Option 4

Or stay on the island and spruce things up a bit? – Option 5 if you didn’t guess.

Thank you all for reading! Happy Mining!


Click here to read Day 3


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