A Survival Life: Day 3(122/365)

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Hello everyone, Tyler here for an update on my Hardcore playthrough and some news. First up, the update!

So, I’ve done a little bit of work around the good o’l home, and renovated a bit. My wheat farm is actually working now, although it is still not very neat. I’ve got some windows, filled my chest up, watched a beautiful sunrise, and found a possible mine! I’m excited to check out the mine in my next post!

My chicken farm with some young chickens/chicks.

The first piece of wheat that grew without bonemeal.

A windowed home.

A beautiful sunrise. Spectacular!

And a cave that begs further exploring.

Well that’s all for a quick post today! I hope you enjoyed my mini-post and tomorrow we will have a much better post available! Thank you! Happy Mining!



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