Day 32 Preview- House on a Hill 2.0 (124/365)

Hey guys! This is one of those super quick posts that we seem to do more often than in the past. Sorry about that but as we have stated numerous times, these last few weeks of school are starting to slowly kill us. However, we have tomorrow off (hallelujah!) and I will be working on a sort of new project.

You guys remember this? This is where I had my house on a hill before Minecraft freaked out on me and reset my map to an earlier day. I said that I would rebuild it and then I said I wasn’t going to because it would be redundant and boring. I decided today that I am going to build here again however it will not be the same as last time. I am going to put more effort into it and make it look nicer. This project will begin tomorrow and I will have a post about it for you tomorrow (maybe even a video…I don’t know yet).

Until then this is Jonah saying good night and Happy Mining.


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