Featured Pictures: TNT = TONS OF FUN Part 1 (126/365)

So, here’s what led to this fun: We were going to play on Riley’s Hack/Mine server but couldn’t because it was “outdated” (Hack/Mine released an update a few days ago). However, updating it didn’t work. We tried to go on the other map, the one from before Hack/Mine, but that didn’t work either. Riley found out that that map had become corrupted somehow. So, we have a new map now.

We were legitimately playing fair fora while, and then silverfish invaded my home, and then they multiplied. Riley and Tyler came to assist fearing that they would take over the map. Then Riley abused his powers a bit as admin and started spawning mobs everywhere. They were all over in my house and I told them to burn it. Then Riley started littering my house with TNT. Kaboom!

Then he gave us some TNT and we went crazy. However, we kept dying and he had to keep giving us more stuff so I told him to op us. He did and then all hell broke loose. We basically decimated the entire biome. Then Riley started a new project. He was placing TNT all over an entire mountain. Being the good kid that I am, I went to assist him. Tyler joined in and…well you can see for yourself.

It would be interesting to know exactly how much TNT we placed. Unfortunately, we will never know. A LOT, that’s all we know.

Now I must explain something. The three of us each have one specialty it seems. Riley likes to spawn hundreds of mobs (especially Ghasts) to piss us off, Tyler is a pyromaniac, and while all three of us love to blow stuff up my favorite thing is TNT (unless I have Mo’ Explosives downloaded, then my favorite things are nukes). So when I see this then I get really excited and want to ignite it. I had to drop my flint and steel so I wouldn’t be tempted.

Stand back everyone! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…



(I think that’s what it said anyway)

Since I have a rather crummy computer I knew that this was going to happen. You mean my crappy computer can’t handle a few hundred TNT explosions? Why not?

Still fun anyway.

Just a little hole, no big deal. We can patch that back up

This TNT explosion has been brought to you by The Block Brothers. We blow $#*! up, because we can.

So, what should we blow up next? Anyway, thanks for reading everyone. Happy Mining! A post about my house above a hill will come soon.


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