A Little Update, Life and Everything: (130/365)

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Block Brothers. Today, in terms of minecraft-life and real-life, was different. (Do notice how I put Minecraft first!). First off let’s start off with some photos and updates on Cobble Town.

Now if you may remember back a few posts, Jonah did a post on Cobbletown. Cobbletown is a very nice server, run by a cool guy who lives in Wisconsin, that allows a nice way to play Minecraft. Although the server allows fighting, the server prohibits needless killing. The only problem with this is that the admin, Walken, isn’t on very much anymore and it’s up to some of the better players to keep it running. Most of the time we don’t have to worry about anything, although people can get on your nerves. Take today.

I have a little desert oasis that I had built a long time ago. Recently I let Jonah live there after introducing him to the server. Little did I know how much trouble that would bring. He invited some people, which I don’t mind, but that wasn’t the problem. One of the people he invited, staciat2000, built a terrible looking home underground.

Now I absolutely hate nether brick and netherrack. Now, normally I wouldn’t mind about this, but the entire premise of the oasis, was to be a desert-themed town. There is no hell in the desert.

Although some may disagree.

Now I had asked staciat kindly to change the decor. She refused. I asked her kindly to move her home deeper. She refused. It eventually got to the point where I just gave up and vowed revenge. On to the next bit. I’ve finished up a bit more in my town, and very soon I’ll be making some additions to the oasis. More room for one, but probably an animal farm, mob trap, houses, etc..

And here are some chest filled with materials for the upcoming addition. And Jonah’s jumping around for no reason……

So, lastly if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few days, you may have noticed that today Minecraft released for the Xbox 360. I only played the trial, as I haven’t bought the full game just yet, so I don’t have a lot to offer just yet, but it was amazing. This Minecraft is at about the 1.6 version of the pc one, and although that wasn’t too long ago there are some notices. No sprinting, no crits, no enchanting, no brewing, no cats, no jungles, and no hunger bar. While it’s nice to be rid of the hunger bar, I have to eat everytime I hurt myself just a little. But all in all, it is really amazing. The graphics are really nice, the fps is perfect. I played for a while, and I had no lag what so ever. The game runs sooo smooth, it’s worth buying it just for that. Sadly however I was not able to get any screenies, due to the Xbox, but I will look more into that later. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post. Happy Mining!

As a side note, Jonah and I both took an AP Calculus test which if you guys didn’t know, it’s derivitive equals hell.

Cobbletown server ip: cobbletown.dyndns.org

Buy Minecraft if you have an Xbox!!!!!


You know you want it!


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