Some Quick Renovations: (131/365)

Hello everyone, how’s it going?

So, today, I’m going to do a quick post, before I leave to play MCX360(Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition). But before I leave I’ll fill you in on an update with Cobble Town, the new snapshot, and the Xbox edition. Let’s begin.

First off, I decided to remove the old watermelon farm and replace it with a bigger farm. While I worked on filling in the ground, Jonah was on the job building some more walls.

Where Jonah found a creeper that used our walls as a home. (Which Jonah also tried to kill, and failed at.)

After a bit of some work, Jonah and I had finished our renovations to the farm area, the only thing we need now is some fences and animals!

And for the grass to finish spreading.

Just to show a little of what our base looks like, I’ll show a near hawk-eye view.

Our home isn’t the biggest, but we are entirely self-sustainable.  We have everything we need, besides any animal needs. We are also going to be adding on a lot in the future. Stay Tuned!

Minecraft Xbox 360:

So, tonight I plan on buying the full edition of the Xbox Minecraft edition. Today, I came home from school, turned on my Xbox, fired the trial up and came to a surprise. So, apparently the trial edition of Minecraft not only kicks you off after about an hour or so, but you also cannot save maps. That was a bit of a bummer, but it doesn’t matter in the long run. Also, I heard this from Minecraft Forum, supposedly you can take screenshots from the Xbox edition. By pressing the ‘y’ button when the start menu is open you can take screenshots. I still have yet to test this, but it would be awesome if it works. If it does, that means I can do all my picture-taking from my Xbox. Far view for the win!

I’m practically salivating right now.


Today, the team at Mojang released a new Snapshot which mostly has bug fixes, but a few nice features.

There are cocoa plants in jungles now. I’m not sure if they mean an actual plant, or if jungle leaves will occasionally drop cocoa now? Who knows? We will see!

Specific names for the different types of sandstone, nothing too interesting here. Now to the best of them all!


Yes, large biomes. When generating a new world there is an option to generate a world with the “large biome” selected. Basically biomes will be much bigger, better looking and very awesome. I’m very excited now.

This is how biomes are meant to look like.

Very awesome!

Thanks for tuning in!  And another quick thing, if you go on Xbox Live and wish to talk to me or play a game of Minecraft on the Xbox, my gamertag is SunBurntIcarus. Just leave a message saying you read my blog post.

Thank you! Happy Mining!


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