Minecraft Hunger Games Server Review (133/365)

While Minecraft was originally created to be an adventure/building game it has evolved into an action game with multiplayer PvP servers. There have been several Hunger Games servers added recently and they can be a lot of fun. Tyler and I have been looking for a good HG server for some time now.

We found The Survival Games and played on there (with Riley also) for a few minutes. The lag was too much, even for Riley’s awesome computer, so we quit. Instead we downloaded the map and made our own mini-games. We will do a post on that later though.

Last night I was looking for a random server to go on and I stumbled on minecraftservers.org and I found a Hunger Games server created by zzkanezz2. I couldn’t remember seeing this one before so I decided to try it out.

It rocks! Enough said.

It isn’t exactly Hunger Games themed but it is a “last man standing” server. There are actually six different servers/games on all the time.

At first you spawn in with everyone else. You see some interesting skins too.

Hey look it’s Luigi! Where is Mario?

Oh my God, literally, it’s Jesus!

There are 5 minutes before the game starts to get everyone there and allow them to pick their role.

SunBurntIcarus the boy on FIRE! This was during the invincibility time.

With the exception of VIPs, there are 5 roles to choose from: Barbarian (swordsman), Archer, Miner, Fisherman, and Woodcutter. After the 5 minutes is up everyone is teleported in an random area together. Two more minutes of invincibility to gather supplies and run. Then the games begin. Thunder sounds at the death of every player and the game lasts for one hour or until one player is left.

I have played about 6 times so I will briefly tell you what happened in the exciting games.

#4- 144 people, game ended after an hour with 7 people left, including us

Tyler- Archer

Jonah- Miner

This time we found a good place to make a base. Both of us took out two people each I think. We made a base at the edge of the map and spent our time finding food, iron, and diamonds. When I found someone’s base, with someone inside, we left to destroy it. We both had full iron armor and a diamond sword so we were very prepared.

Ssh! Be vewy vewy quiet, we’re hunting wabbits…actually we are hunting Spiderman. Prepare to die worst superhero ever!

As Tyler was climbing the ladder up another person was sneaking up behind me. Tyler came down after having difficulty with Spiderman and yelled “Jonah, behind you!” I turned around and jumped back just in time as the mystery man dumped a bucket of lava.

Tyler killed him and then Spiderman. The mountain was absolutely covered in lava and then the game ended. Tyler and I tied for sixth place.

#6- 144 people, I took 4th place.

Jonah- Miner

Tyler was not in this round but this was a great game. I played as a miner again, collected some resources and found a nice cave to live in while I looked for iron. On the way there I killed two people. Both of them had just finished a fight so they were weak and weren’t expecting me to come up behind them…excellent.

I’m sorry dear cow but you must die. It’s all for the greater good my friend.

Chopping down some trees so I can make some tools

Here’s a mine, not the mine but it still provided some good resources.

When I found the mine I secured it, killed some mobs, and went to look for iron. Then I noticed someone outside coming towards me. I ran to my crafting table and put together an iron sword with the few pieces I had. I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it but just as I finished crafting it he broke through the stone and shot me with his bow. However, his bow was no match for my sword and he soon died.

I secured the wall but not long after another person came looking for me. He had some chain armor and I had only leather. I thought I would die for sure but he only had a stone sword and I managed to kill him. I made the wall even thicker and went looking for iron. I found some and made a full set of armor.

Actually I am wearing a chain chestplate right now but I made an iron chestplate later.

Most of this is crap I had picked up from those who had fallen before my might.

I decided to continue my mining adventure but go for diamond instead. I found 4 pieces and made a beautiful diamond sword. One last person found me. He had full iron armor and an iron sword…and a lava bucket. I had diamond though, and smarts. When he saw the diamond sword he was running all over in my base. Including into the lava he placed. On fire, he didn’t stand much of a challenge.

I left my base to look for the other 3 remaining. One of them found me though. Then I was on fire. I probably wouldn’t have killed him anyway, he had a diamond sword and a diamond chestplate. So, obviously, I died. The end.

I have had a lot of fun with this server. I strongly recommend that you guys check it out. There are three servers, they aren’t terribly laggy but they have their moments.

Here are the six IP addresses:

When you connect to the server, type /kit to choose a role.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Mining,

and May the Odds be Ever in your Favor!


16 comments on “Minecraft Hunger Games Server Review (133/365)

    • Hmm…well, make sure that you got the IP address correct. Also, there might be a game in progress already. If it says in progress then you’ll have to wait a while for the game to finish. Hope that helps, let us know if it still isn’t working.

    • Oh shoot. I feel bad about that, I forgot to update the post with the new IP addresses. Here are the new IPs:

  1. Thanks dude. you help me out a lot. And by the way i’m makeing a youtube thing called THEGOLDENCROWN (that’s why my name is that)so if you have any ideas of what i should do well just say!
    ps you’ve been a great role model.

    • Well, since you are going to do videos then I would suggest doing Map Reviews, Mod Reviews, and tutorials. Those sort of things work really well with videos. Do you have a link for your Youtube channel?

  2. i’d like too but it’s down right now and a lot of things.And Well. i’m not going too do this for a while so ya 2nd your way out of my leauge
    3rd i need softwher 4th i’m vary young so ya but thanks 🙂

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