Featured Pictures: The Middle Finger of Notch (134/365)

I was playing on one of the Hunger Games servers yesterday and encountered a little problem. First of all, I was on a map with very few animals and therefore food. I could have grown a garden but I was trying to find iron so I didn’t exactly have the time. Secondly, it was a map with either very very little iron, or no iron. That’s just a slight problem there.

The worst part is that I found diamond. Some of you might be wondering, “Why is that a bad thing, diamonds are awesome?” Well you see you can’t mine diamond without an iron pick. So when you find 6 diamonds with no sufficient pick to mine them with, it is like Notch is giving you the middle finger.

Notch- “Well look at that you found some diamond. Awesome, congrats! That will make a great sword and pick. You got an iron pick for that? Oh you don’t? Well I guess you should go find some iron and make one. Oh, there is no iron on this map and you have been spending most of your time looking for some? That sucks. And you’re out of food and your hunger bar is almost gone? Well your life sucks doesn’t it?” …Screw you Notch, why hast thou forsaken me?!

Out of food, no iron pick, and with no way of surviving, I decided to return to my diamonds and sit beside them as I slowly die. I decided to die next to my one true love that could never be. It was sad really.

Goodbye cruel world!


Jonah Menough a.k.a. John_Locke_4

5/12/12 7 p.m. – 5/12/12 7:42 p.m.

“A man torn between his love of diamonds, and need of an iron pickaxe.”

Life isn’t fair everyone. Learn that now.

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) Happy Mining!


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