Featured Picture: Super Mob Arena (136/365)

There comes a time in every CIS Writing Student’s life when he must write a Trend paper. Tyler and I have been doing that for the last month and a half. I assure you it has been pure bliss and that is why this post is being published so very very late. I have been working on the final draft for the last 7 or 8 hours straight and haven’t had a second to work on the post so here you go. This my dear friends is what I call, “A Super-Mega Quick post.”

In my house above a hill which I have still failed to do a post on (TREND PAPER’S FAULT) I built a giant mob arena. I was hoping that mobs would spawn inside on their own but they are refusing so I have held some “small” battles between Mobs, Iron Golems, and myself. It is a very nice arena. There is also a fail safe switch so if there are too many mobs or if I get bored I can press and voila, no more mobs.

Yes that is TNT. That is the fail safe. And since the room is made completely out of obsidian I don’t have to worry about reconstructions. Look at all those Endermen, pig zombies, and skeletons. Can they withstand the might of myself and more than a dozen Iron Golems? Probably not. And if they do, they can’t stand against all that TNT.

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Mining!


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