Featured Mobs: Wolves/Dogs (139/365)


Wolves are the first companion mob to be implemented in Minecraft. Introduced in Beta version 1.4, they became very useful companions to the player character. Wolves are very versatile mobs, able to find their way to the player character in through water, land, or even at distances. They are however very vulnerable to their surroundings. They take damage from falls, cacti, drowning, suffocation, and basically anything the player character can take damage from. Feeding them any sort of meat will heal them.


Wolves can be spawned at any difficulty level in three biomes. They can only spawn in Forest, Pine Forest, or Taiga biomes(Unless forced to by a wolf egg in creative).


Since wolves essentially have three different “modes” they also have three different looks. When you meet a wild wolf, they have white coloured fur and a drooping tail. When angered their fur changes contrast and their eyes become red. When tamed their eyes take on a slightly bigger look and they adapt a red collar.




Wild wolves: Wild wolves will roam around, in packs of 1-8 wolves, occasionally attacking sheep. Wild wolves will tilt their head sideways when interested in a held bone or porkchop. They are neutral unless provoked.

Aggresive Wolves: Aggressive Wolves will attack the player which has provoked them unless said player dies and respawns. When one wolf is attacked, nearby wolves will jump to his aid and attack the player.

Tamed Wolves: Tamed wolves loose all of their aggressive instinct unless instructed by the player character. When the player character attacks a mob, the wolf will jump in to help. Alas, wolves will also defend the player from most mobs, (excluding creepers.) When the player reaches a max distance apart from the wolf, unless the wolf is sitting, the wolf will teleport to the player.

Very Random fact here: Did you know that, prior to Beta 1.6, if you hit yourself with an arrow your wolves would turn on you? Let’s be glad that didn’t happen!

Puppies are also a side-type of the wolf, but I will talk more on that in the next section.


Wild wolves can be tamed into tamed wolves by using bones. Each bone has a 1-in-3 chance of taming the wolf. When using any type of meat on two tamed wolves, they will breed and a puppy will spawn. Puppies are smaller versions of the parents, having the same size head however. Puppies spawn with very little health, and have a higher-pitched whine than that of the parents. Tamed wolves will never despawn, and currently, the player can have an unlimited amount of tamed dogs.

Although, at a certain point, it all seems a bit excessive.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the post!

Happy Mining!



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