Minecraft Customizer: (141/365)

Hello everyone, Tyler here! I hope everyone is enjoying a good Sunday, or at least it’s Sunday in Minnesota! Today’s a good day to play Minecraft, relax a bit before the new week, and have fun! Now, I don’t have anything too interesting, but this will be interesting for those who like texture packs.

Texture packs allow people to play Minecraft with a different “look” and for me a texture pack is essential. Some people use texture packs to make Minecraft a higher graphic quality, but that ruins the feel of the game. Part of the reason I like Minecraft is because of the graphics. It’s not that I don’t like the vanilla texture pack or anything, but somethings need to be fixed. And I like to play Minecraft with a theme, which for me, is SMP Revival. So earlier today, using Minecraft Customizer, I customized my own version of SMP’s Revival. Let me just say, it’s awesome! I’m so excited to eventually share some photos with you guys!

Now Minecraft Customizer is a very awesome online tool that allows you to mix and match the best parts of a texture pack to create a customized variant. Minecraft Customizer offers a pretty good selection of texture packs, varying from 16x to 256x.

A pretty good selection of texture packs there!

Using all of the different menus you can customize your Minecraft look in nearly any way that you wish! From water, trees, animals, swords, tools, etc. Everything can be customized through texture packs!

Pretty customizable.

Also, if you register for a free account, you can combine different aspects of each pack. Very cool!

I hope this helps for those who like certain aspects of Minecraft,or are looking for a new texture pack!

Happy Mining! And as Notch said on a very historic day, let every day be for Minecraft, but especially Sunday! Sunday is the day of rest, the day of Minecraft!

Minecraft Customizer: http://minecraftcustomizer.net/browse

SMP Revival Link: http://minecraftcustomizer.net/pack/SMPs+Revival+Fan+Support



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