LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 5- The Swan (143/365)

Do you remember this? Yes. LOST IS BACK!

Hey everyone! What is this LOST Adventure Map series that I am doing? How is it already on Chapter 5? Well, I have a terrible work ethic sometimes. I last published a LOST post on February 11th. Today is May 22nd. Did I mention that I have a terrible work ethic?

Here is what happened. I did all of the picture posts for the first 4 chapters then I wanted to make some videos. They turned out okay but since I spent so much time filming and editing the videos, I wanted them to be better. I wanted someone else in the video, like Tyler. Although he has a smaller understanding of LOST than I do (he has only seen the first two seasons), I hoped that he would bring something more to the videos.

Now if he was going to be in the videos also, then we would need a server. Let’s face it, Tyler and I have computers that can’t handle a server. We tried, and the lag was unbelievable. Tyler could see me die but I wouldn’t know that I was dead until about 2 minutes later. Yeah, bad lag. We had tried encouraging Riley to make a server for LOST vids but he didn’t want to. So at this point in time, there will be no LOST videos featuring both Tyler and I.

With summer approaching, though, I may have time to make more posts and maybe videos. Back to business.

Here is where I left you back in February.

Here is a brief overview from last time: We found the beechcraft, went to the Black Rock to get some TNT, and then blew open the hatch.

Let’s go inside

Ooooooo, the hatch

Step 1: Explore the hatch

The dome, with computer and countdown clock

Ping-pong table

The “orientation film”

The armory

This is the heroin from all the Virgin Mary statues that were found in the Beechcraft.

A bunch of arrows…

and a bunch of bows

The pantry, full of cake. Mmmmm, cake

Anyone want some mushroom stew?

Ventilation shaft

Suit up! You got the full set of armor here. Leather, chain, iron, gold, and diamond!

Hats, chestplates, leggings, and boots

The bunk bed

I honestly laughed when I saw this. The person who made this wanted to make everything as realistic as possible, he even put in the shower.

The airlock

It’s sort of a long way up

The sun…it’s sooo beautiful

Thanks for reading everyone! Again, I’m sorry that I waited so long to continue this series, but…yeah.

I may make a video of this one day, we’ll see. Until next time my fellow miners, this is Jonah saying good night and Happy Mining!


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