Minecraft Snapshot 12w21a- Totally Worth It! (145/365)

Hello everyone. I hope that you are all having a good day and playing some Minecraft like good people. Today, the newest snapshot, 12w21a, released. Just saying, it’s pretty awesome. There are a lot of features in this one, from fixing things, new content, and more fun. Now the best part is when they put it up in the next Minecraft update, 1.3!

To start us off, I’ll do the usual by listing the changes, and elaborating with words and of course, some photos. Another thing unique about this post, is that both Jonah and myself are working together to bring you a nice post. I’m writing some, he’s writing some,(and taking pictures).

Official Change Log:

  • Villagers will trade items (They are notoriously cheap, however)
  • Added a “currency item”
  • A few minor terrain changes
  • A new useful block/item (requires obsidian)
  • Added a /seed command for showing the map seed
  • Added sandstone stairs
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes
  • Possible TNT traps in the world
  • Ender Chest (Sort of like a chest network – place two different Ender Chests and place items in either, and they will appear in any other Ender Chests you have placed. It glows a bit.)
  • Emerald and Emerald Ore (used with Villagers)
  • Made Buckets stackable.
  • Added Snow to Creative Inventory.
  • NPC Villages change style according to their biome.
  • Stars are more realistic.
  • They are now slightly smaller and slightly brighter.
  • Changed Gravel texture.
  • Improved Options menu.
  • Added Pyramids.
  • Added a second Golden Apple made with Blocks of Gold.
  • After being consumed, the player receives 30 second Regeneration IV, plus Resistance and Fire Resistance for 5 minutes.
  • Dispensers will eject Water and Lava source blocks (from buckets); Will also take water and lava source blocks if there is an empty bucket inside
 Wow, look at them all. Let’s begin shall we?
Villager Trading & Currency:
If you didn’t figure out from the initial list of changes, Villagers will now trade with the player character! There are a few basic trading commands currently, and the item list is relatively low, but eventually Jeb will add more items to trade. For now, food such as Chicken and Wheat is a trading commodity. Along with that, there is a new currency item: The emerald. You can mine these Emeralds and use them to buy items from Villagers. Kind of cool if you ask me!
There is a problem though. Who knows where the hell we can find this stuff? Jonah spent 20 minutes looking for Emerald Ore, and couldn’t find a darn thing. Yes, he placed this. I don’t know if it is just really hard to find or what the deal is. Another problem. You know how it’s always confusing when you find Lapis Lazuli because it is easy to mistake it for diamond initially. Well, this can be easily mistaken for redstone too…yay.

See what I mean? However, emeralds are green. Jeb forgot to change the color of the ore for the snapshot. So, it won’t be so confusing in the future.

Some Minor Terrain Changes:
I think this is more than a minor change, they fixed the worse possible texture of all now. Gravel. Long have we had to deal with the hellish, pink color of gravel. It never looked good, only tolerable. Now a new texture has replaced it, making a much better gravel color. Looks more realistic, and I might just decorate with it now!
A New Item=Ender Chest:
This, I’m excited about. If you might remember a while back, the Yogscast did a backpack mod review? Well this mod is somewhat similar to the snapshot. By using this chest, you can share your items across dimensions, and the world. By placing one chest down, and plonking some items down, you save your items. Then you can access them later if you need to with another chest. Imagine the possibilities!

Coolness! Made in a crafting table by placing an Eye of Ender in the center and surrounding it with obsidian

Let’s say you are traveling in a random direction. You did not bring too much with as you did not want to lose your stuff. Night-time approaches, and you don’t have a house. Far away from home, you would normally be doomed. But not this time! You brought an Ender Chest with!

You can access it here.


Anywhere! Even in the Nether and The End

By plonking down the Ender Chest, you have instant access to your food, diamonds, armor, tools,swords, and building materials. You instantly build a quick shelter, light the place up, and go to sleep. In the morning, you take down your house, put it back in the chest, and pick the chest up. You survived!
SandStone Stairs:
Pretty simple and self-explanatory.
TNT Traps, Desert Villages, and Indiana Jones Pyramid; Oh dear:
First off, in this snapshot, Villagers will occasionally spawn in desert villages. These villages are very similar to the normal villages, besides the fact that they are sand & sandstone based.
Located in Desert Villages are pyramids. These “Pyramids” offer a puzzle inside, with loot for the survivors.
They also have TNT Traps. This is the dangerous part. In the pyramids, occasionally you will find pitfall traps with chests at the bottom. If you manage to survive the fall, you will find some nice look. However, if you hit the pressure plate by accident you will die, along with any sort of loot.
Buckets Stack, Stars are Smaller, A better options menu.
Now there are two types of Golden Apples. The current ones add a regeneration effect for a 5 seconds, while the “Notch” apples will do much more.

Original Golden Apple.

And the better one:

This one lasts much longer, but is much harder to craft. Instead of golden nuggets you need Golden blocks. Although, in reality, it’s an actual use for gold!


Water Dispenser:

Dispensers will now dispense both water and lava now! This allows for some cool ideas for traps, and mob farms. I’m kind of excited for this!

When activated it allows water to be placed!

There you are! I hope you enjoyed this snapshot post. And hopefully, very soon, we can all download the newest update for Minecraft with these awesome features!

Also, here’s a nice video showing the features off!

Happy Mining!

-Tyler & Jonah

Client Link: http://bit.ly/JAdihU


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