LOST Adventure Map: Chapters 6/7- The Arrow (146/365)

Hello again world! If you guys didn’t see our post from yesterday, Mojang released a new snapshot which is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend that you check it out.

Today I will be continuing the LOST series and combining chapters 6 and 7.

Chapter 6 only has one task, moving food from the hatch to the beach so I wasn’t going to waster a post on something I could do to 15 words and one picture. Let’s get started.

Task 1: Move the food from the hatch to the beach camp.

Now, there is mushroom stew and cake. Obviously, I can’t move the cake so I just moved the stew.

Anyone else hungry?

Nothing like some Dharma mushroom stew to get a guy ready to push a button every 108 minutes.

Task 2: Watch The Swan Orientation video

“We’re gonna need to watch that again.”

There is a part of the film that is missing. I wonder where the rest of the film is?


It is at the Arrow station. Well, not much of a spoiler I guess. The adventure notes just tell you to go to the Arrow.

Step 3: Go to the Arrow to find the missing section of the Orientation video and watch it again.

We’re here at the Arrow

Let me tell you what really happened in Lost. The survivors from the tail section found this station about a month after the crash. They found a glass eye and a bible. One of them, Eko, being a religious person, looked inside the bible and found the missing part of the film. When the two camps united Eko showed Locke the film and they watched it together.

There’s the chest. I don’t know if you have noticed yet but the chests are completely shadowed out in this map which is kind of annoying, just saying.

The glass eye, the bible, and the film section.

Thanks for reading everyone. I would just like to let you know that I have many LOST posts planned already. In fact, I have all the pictures that I need to last 12 more posts. And we have much more to come after that. Not only do I have all those posts planned, but I have modified the instructions and the map to make it more realistic to the show and make it a bit more interesting. The major modifications come along in the Season 2 finale, Chapter 10. I hope you enjoy all these posts so far and the ones to come.

Until next time this is Jonah saying good night, and Happy Mining!


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