LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 8- The Others (147/365)

Hello everyone and welcome back to our continuation of the LOST Adventure Map series. We are at Chapter 8 right now. It’s all building up to Chapter 10, aka the season 2 finale, which will be posted at a currently unspecified time.

Now I know that last time when I did the Chapter 4 video I said that we wouldn’t go on break just because it was the end of season 1 yet we did. That was because I wanted to do co-op videos with Tyler but couldn’t due to server issues. We will not do that again this time. And just to clarify something else, by “season finale,” I mean that in the real LOST story line the season was over after these events. Sorry if that sounds a bit confusing.

Anyway, here is Chapter 8.

Task 1: Since there has been a lot of “activity” recently with the Others, it is time to make an army. Gather all the guns (bows) to get ready to fight these people (unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no war with the Others).

Time to gather up all the bows and arrows

There sure are a lot of bows

Yet not a lot of arrows

Sawyer has some bows too. We need to get those back too. Being as it’s Sawyer, he probably hid them nearby his tent.

Probably should start by looking inside

Well would you look at that, right underneath his tent

A few bows, some arrows, and a disturbing number of Playboy magazines (no joke, in the TV show he had Playboy magazines in his stash of stuff, although, I don’t think that they were actually called Playboys)

Task 2: The French woman caught a man in one of her traps. She believes he is an Other. After he and Sayid have a little “chat” (as known as an interrogation), the man who calls himself Henry Gale tells him that he and his wife came to the island by hot air balloon and crashed. His wife died not long after the crash because she supposedly got sick. You go out in the jungle to see if his story checks out.

On the way there we encounter an old friend. So much history here, Boone fell here and died later. So much future here also, hint hint.

Is that what I think it is?

What do you know? That guy must have been telling the truth all along, or was he?

He said he buried his wife here.

Sayid still refuses to believe that he is telling the truth so he digs up the grave to see once and for all if his story checks out.

Well, at least we know that someone is buried here.

Hold on a second…this isn’t a woman…it’s a man. He still has his wallet on him too. His driver’s license says his name is…HENRY GALE!

Well, I guess he was lying all along. He is so screwed once Sayid gets back.

Actually…a while before this Michael went to find to Others to try and get his son back. He came back to camp claiming that he found them and was going to lead a group out there to fight them. However, in a surprising turn, he kills Ana Lucia and Libby and lets “Henry” go free.

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Mining!


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