Optifine Mod Review (148/365)

Do you have a crappy computer?

Are you sick of playing Minecraft on Short distance with 20-30 fps?

Would you like to be able to see the beautiful sunset?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need this! OPTIFINE!

Optifine is a wonderful mod which has the potential to greatly increase the speed at which Minecraft plays. This mod adds numerous options to play with that I will show you in a second. With these options you can improve the performance and the quality of the game. This mod also introduces something new which those of you with super computers will probably love. First, let me share with you some facts.

According to a poll on the Minecraft Forum page for this mod, more than 40% of the people who have downloaded this mod reported that they had a fps increase of 200%+ and another 17% said they had a 100% increase.

In fact, only 6% said that they had no increase with this mod. Unfortunately, Tyler downloaded this mod after I did and he said he had no increase. I, on the other had, had and increase of about 250%. Before I was playing on Short with about 20 fps, now I have 70 fps.

Another fun fact: I can play on Far distance with 50% more fps than I could on Short from before.

If I haven’t convinced you to download this mod yet then I’m sorry. Let’s check out some of the features that come with this beautiful mod.

Fog, fog start distance, and 6 new menus.

This is the details menu. A few interesting choices are turning on/off the sun and moon, stars, and changing the cloud height. I think the cloud height one is kind of neat.

Here is the animation menu. You can play with a lot a things here. I recommend that you don’t mess with these too much though (I changed the drip water/lava only because I hate it) or else this will happen.

So this is what fire is supposed to look like. Well let’s say that you decide to turn off the fire animation for whatever stupid reason.

Then this is what fire will look like. It is a box that says “FIRE TEXT ????” I don’t know what the final word is but it doesn’t matter. So don’t play with those options too much. I don’t know what happens when you turn off other things but don’t do it.

Guess what? You can change texture packs in-game! Cool, worthless to me since I don’t use any texture pack other than default (I tried SMP but didn’t like it), but cool.

Quality menu. You can turn off swamp colors now…YES! I hate the swampland biome so much. Another cool thing is the connected textures option. This only includes the sandstone, bookshelf, and glass blocks but I love it so much.

I have always hated the way glass looks in Minecraft. It’s realistic, but bothersome. With the connected textures option activated, glass will connect when blocks are placed next to one another, making it look so much neater.

Same goes for bookshelves…

and sandstone, although, I don’t see much difference with the sandstone. Maybe I’m blind.

Performance settings. Nothing too exciting here. Just controls on how much of the map is loaded and how quickly. Boring.

Finally, other settings. This is a bit more interesting. You can turn off weather (yay!) and change how often the game saves. You can make it every 2 seconds (don’t do it, that is lag suicide) or every 30 minutes (ehh…just go with 3 minutes). Also, you can turn off time! You can make it only day or only night if you want. However, that option only exists in Creative mode.

I almost forgot to tell you guys about the new feature. It is actually a new distance. Far distance was only the beginning. Now we have…EXTREME! You can see here how far you can see with this option (unless you have a good computer this will likely cause super lag and destroy your computer so be careful).

Here is the link to the Minecraft Forum page where you can download this mod. Remember, there is a chance that you will not get any increase, but you probably will.


There are multiple versions of this mod as you will see. Choose the one that is best for you. I am using OptiFine HD A7 Smooth + AA. I works great.



This mod gets 4.5 diamonds because it did amazing things for me. It gave me a 250% fps increase and allowed my to see the sunset again. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 diamonds is because there are A LOT of options, too many in my opinion. Anyway, I highly recommend that all of you check out this mod. It can’t hurt to try.

That’s all for today everyone! This is Jonah signing off. I will leave you with the beautiful sunset that I got to see from my treehouse. Happy Mining!


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