LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 9- The Pearl (152/365)

Hey everyone! It seems that almost every Thursday Tyler  and I have quite a hard time making a post since both of us usually work and we always have homework. WELL NOT ANYMORE! Next Thursday, neither of us will have homework. Ahhhh, it’s a beautiful thought. However, this Thursday was still kinda sucky. But I have a lot of LOST posts ready to go whenever they are needed so, yay Jonah for being prepared!

Enough chit-chat, let’s get down to business.

We are now at Chapter 9 in our LOST series. By the way, if you didn’t notice already, I made a new page on our blog which shows all of the LOST chapters completed so far. You can use this as a quick reference to check back whenever.

Now Chapter 9 only has one official task, Explore the Pearl. But that is kinda boring. So, I added some other little things to this episode to enhance it a bit.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Locke has started to lose his faith in the island, and also the hatch. Eko has a dream in which he sees his dead brother, Yemi. Yemi tells him that the hatch is the most important thing in the world and that everyone is in danger if Locke does not believe again.

Eko awakes startled, and sets off to find Locke.

In his dream, Yemi told him to ask Locke to take him to “the question mark.” Locke knows what he is talking about but isn’t sure where to find it. After going for a little stroll, you find the Beechcraft, you decide to rest to await further instructions.

Locke has a dream in which Eko is chasing Yemi up the mountain and suddenly falls.

When Locke awakes, he tells Eko about the dream but warns him that climbing up isn’t safe.

When Eko reaches the top, he turns around and sees something strange.

It looks sort of like a…QUESTION MARK!

There must be something nearby. You decide to dig around the area to see if there is anything.

And then, you find it. Another ladder descending into a deep hole. Remind you of anything?

You go inside to see what awaits.

Woah. You find a room with 9 different TV monitors. Although, it seems like most of them don’t work.

There’s a bathroom, a couple chairs, and a bunch of composition notebooks with a DHARMA logo on it.

Also, there appears to be a pneumatic tube. But for what?

You turn on one of the monitors and see Jack in the hatch. What?

Eko finds an orientation video. You watch it and find out some interesting things. According to the video, the people in the hatch (The Swan) are the subjects of an experiment. Locke believes from this that the button is worthless and means nothing. He decides to stop pushing it. But Eko still believes. If anything, he believes in it even more now. He decides to take over for Locke.

But Locke isn’t done yet. He wants to save everyone from the hatch. He wants to prove that it is worthless. And there’s only one way to prove that…

To be continued…

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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