Minecraft Snapshot 12w22a (153/365)

Hey everyone! We got a new snapshot yesterday! This one continues where we left off last time. More updates with villager trading, even more temples, and other cool things! You wanna see what they all are? Awesome!

First of all, I think we should all wish Notch, the man who made this wonderful game possible, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • The trading system was updated. For example, villagers can now trade two items with you, meaning, you give them two items for something. You’ll see. This most often comes into play in the other part. Villagers can now trade you enchanted gear. They may ask for an iron pickaxe and 5 emeralds and you could get some sort of enchanted iron pick. I’m just making up numbers there but it’s pretty cool.
  • The enchantment system got changed…a lot! The max enchant level is now 30, not 50. Therefore, you only need 15 bookshelves  for max level enchantments. You can get xp from mining certain ores, using furnaces, and getting achievements. And xp levels are awarded linearly. You now need 17 experience to level up.
  • Smelting with a lava bucket will now leave you with an empty bucket
  • Added Jungle Temples
  • Added tripwire hooks
  • Added Emerald block
  • Updated creative inventory
  • Added Adventure game mode. Right now, the only difference is that you can’t destroy or place blocks (in progress, not so cool yet)
  • Terrain changes
  • Rain drops slowly through leaves
  • Although very rare, Nether portals can spawn Zombie Pigmen
  • Cauldrons can slowly fill with water when exposed to rain
  • Ender chests can now be found in blacksmith’s houses
  • Bug fixes

Phew…that was the edited version too. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

First, I don’t know if we ever covered this in a previous snapshot. Jungle trees can now grow cocoa beans. Yay, now we can make cookies!

Also, another thing we didn’t cover that time, the new creative inventory screen. Seems like this was inspired by the Xbox 360 edition, but that’s just my opinion.

In the last snapshot we were unable to find a desert temple. We were very rushed last week. But now they have temples in the jungle! Here is an example.

Interior temple. The loot is beneath the center, where are the colored wool is. But be careful

Here is an example of some of the loot

And that is why you should be careful. It is booby trapped with TNT and will destroy the loot and you if you aren’t careful.

Cauldrons will now fill with water while it’s raining. Slowly………..very slowly……………….

Here is the trading system with the villagers. As you can see, if I give him an iron sword and 2 emeralds, he will make me an enchanted sword. Cool!

Oooooooo, knockback 1. Ok it’s not that great but what do you expect?

11 emeralds for a diamond axe.

Diamond pick + 3 emeralds = Diamond pick: Efficiency 2

Enchanting just got a lot easier guys! 30 is the max enchant level now so you only need 15 bookshelves.

Not only is it easier to get a maxed out enchantment table, experience levels are immensely easier to achieve now. Now, this new enchanting system can be thought of as amazing or frightening.

Good thing- It’s easy to get awesome enchantments so you can go out and demolish all those creepers

Bad thing- It’s easy to get enchantments. I say this for those of you who play on PvP servers. Now, this is just my thought. But it may be a little too easy so now the people with diamond armor and tools and a lot of xp will demolish anyone easily. That’s just me though.

Look out! It’s a zombie pigman! Well, maybe not but they can spawn out of these things now. Don’t worry though, it’s extremely rare. And one pigman is a piece of cake to kill. 100 on the other hand…not so much.

Using a lava bucket for smelting will now give you back an empty bucket.

Emerald block

Ok. Now for the coolest thing in this snapshot. Setting traps in Minecraft can be a somewhat difficult process as pressure plates can be easily spotted and inform the soon-to-be victim that there’s a trap.

IT’S A TRAP! -Admiral Ackbar 🙂

Well setting traps just got a lot easier and a lot more fun.


Attach the two tripwire hooks, connect with string, add some TNT and wait for your victim.

Now I would just like to say that I did not intend this sheep to be my victim. It was just a really perfect coincidence that he walked by just as I finished. Now look. See the tripwire? See the unsuspecting victim? What will happen?

*Click* Run Mr. Sheep! Run! Actually don’t run, it’ll be funny this way.

BOOM! Well I am pleased to tell you that the sheep survived *Under breath, Damn it.* Now you know the power of tripwires.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I suggest that you check out this snapshot it’s pretty neat. I’m sure that 1.3 will be coming out soon, it’s been quite a while since the last official update. All I can say for sure is this: Minecraft 1.3 is going to be the biggest, and greatest update in the history of Minecraft.

Let us know what you are most excited about for the Minecraft 1.3 update in the poll below.

Again, thanks for reading! You can download the snapshot by following the link provided below. Happy Mining!



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