Featured Pictures: Surprise!!! (154/365)

*The following post is rated PG for mild cartoon violence* 🙂

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post again tonight. I would have published this sooner but Tyler’s grad party was today so I spent a good 6 or so hours hanging out, playing some COD (Yes, Tyler and I do, every now and then, play games other than Minecraft!), and other stuff.

So today I was on Cobble Town for no reason whatsoever. I didn’t do a darn thing and was on for maybe 2 minutes so I have no idea why I even wasted my time going on there. But, I did get a good featured pictures post.

So, I was down in my underground base and was about to head back up in my “water elevator” when I found that I had a stalker. What’s another name for a stalker?

Yes, a creeper.


Go creep on someone else you…you……creeper.

Bad creeper! Bad! You go annoy someone else now

I said that and then he left me alone.

Nah, I wish it was that simple. What really happened is he hissed at me and I was like “Oh you did not just hiss at me bro, you going down!” Then I beat him to a bloody pulp and he tried to limp away. I pulled him back and told him to tell all his friends about me. He asked who I was and then I said…


Ok fine. So I’m not Batman and I didn’t beat the creeper to a bloody pulp. I did take out my sword and slaughter him though. I cut off his head, stole his gunpowder, buried him, and then blew up his grave with the TNT I made using his gunpowder.

Yeah, that’s what happened alright.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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