Featured Mobs: The Zombie (155/365)

Hello everyone, Tyler here! It’s been a bit since I’ve done the post, but today I decided I’d give Jonah a break.

Decided I might share a  few tidbits of news. As you know, a couple of days ago was the birthday of a very awesome man we all know. Notch. Since I never had a chance to say it then, I’ll say it now. Happy Birthday Notch, bit belated perhaps!

On some sadder news, my computer refuses to run Minecraft now. It’s a bit sad, to see my computer slowly die. My computer used to be able to play Normal at about 55 fps constant but, over time, my computer slowed. At this point, I’m lucky to get 25 fps on tiny. Which, as you know, is a real bummer. No Minecraft.

I’m going to try and figure the problem out, but I might have to get a new computer. Which, since I got my paycheck and some money for my grad-party yesterday, this may be very well possible. Hopefully everything will work out!


Zombies are hostile mobs, which will attack the player character given the chance to do so. They show the same height and dimensions as the player character. They move as fast as the player character, but they cannot sprint. Zombies, similar to Skeletons, burn in sunlight.


Zombies will spawn in groups of about 2-6, in any location of a light level of 7 or less as long as there is at least room for it to spawn.


Zombies are basically the same model as the player, besides green skin and black eyes.


As stated before, Zombies burn when in direct contact to sunlight. When burning, Zombies will seek water to extinguish themselves. Their Ai’s allow them to find the shortest possible way to their target and follow the target effectively. Zombies will attack villagers, and they tend to favor Villagers over the player character. On hard or hardcore gamemodes, Zombies will break doors down. This presents a problem when you play on hard difficulty. Although using Iron doors can solve this problems, as Zombies destroy only wooden doors. When killed Zombies will drop Rotten Flesh, which has a 80 percent chance of giving the player food poisoning.


I’ll put it simply, good luck trying to tame or breed a zombie. It isn’t possible.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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