Happy Birthday Jonah! : (156/365)


Sometime Mondays can be good days. Today, doubly so. Today is Jonah’s Birthday.

I first met Jonah in elementary school although we never really bonded at all until High School. During a World Studies class in our Sophomore year, while having a bit of small talk with my table-partner, Minecraft came up. Since then, everything has changed. We found a similarity of which we could connect. Over time, he became more addicted to Minecraft and started up his own blog for it. Back then, it was a blog of lasts, a blog supposed to be mainly focused on senior year. However, very shortly, it became focused on Minecraft. If my memory serves me right, December 23rd was the day he asked if I would like to help him make a post. As our faithful readers may be aware of, that was the start of the Block Brothers.

Today I would like to thank Jonah for everything he’s done for the blog. He’s the mastermind behind the entire blog, he devotes the most amount of time to it, he set up our nice theme, came up with the name, and he’s done nearly everything. Whenever I cannot do a post for some reason, he’s always there to take the post for me. He puts so much time and effort into this blog, and for that, Jonah, I thank you!

Now onto the actual post!

“Welcome to Jonah’s Birthday Land!”

In this building, I would like to show you around his birthday celebration. One of his favorite friends, Mr. Piggy has decided to show up today!

Oh, wait a moment.

He wasn’t the guest. And thanks to Mr. Piggy and all of his family and friends we have a feast of food tonight!


Even Notch decided to honor Jonah’s Birthday! Behold!

We are witnessing the world’s first ever cake farm!

Even cake grows now! Just wonderful!

Moving a little farther inwards, there’s a glass window ahead.

Oh dear! Lava. You never mess around with Lava.

I wonder what this does?

Could it be? Is it possible?

Skeleton Torture chamber for Jonah.

As you all know, Jonah has an immense hatred for all things Skeleton-y, so a torture chamber is a wonderful present. To honor Jonah, why not watch a wonderful photo shoot?

Is a lava death too fast for you Jonah? How about a sun chamber?


You’re welcome Jonah! And now to the finale!



Sadly the cake patch got a bit hurt, but it’s all good. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and Happy Birthday Jonah! Happy Mining!



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