Featured Pictures: Flying Chicken (157/365)

I was checking out a new server the other day, well it actually isn’t new, I made a post on it before but I will be posting an update on the server in the next couple days. While on this server, I encountered a chicken that had a deep desire to fly. He actually succeeded.

What…the…hell? You’re supposed to be on the ground, not in the air. I suppose you could also be in my furnace, and then in my stomach, and then…well I won’t go that far.

Ok, seriously, stop spazing out and stop flying!

That’s all everyone! Just wanna give a thanks out to Tyler for the nice post yesterday. I absolutely love the skeleton torture chamber. He knows me well.

Also, a big thanks to our viewers. Our total view count surpassed 5,000 views on Sunday. 5,000 views in about 5 and a half months. That’s awesome. Nearly 3,500 of those views came in the last two months. That’s awesomer. So, thanks everyone!

Also, as always, thanks for reading! Happy Mining!


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