Minecraft Server: Kool-Craft 2.0- Part 1 (158/365)

Hello everyone! I am pleased to present to you a post which I have been working on for a good week or so. Back in March, I published a server review on Kool-Craft (click here to read the old one), a PvP and Free build server which is quite impressive. The owner of Kool-Craft, Danikool48, asked me if I could check out the server once more and do another review on it. I was happy to check it out again but I didn’t think that there would be such a big difference between then and now. Let’s just say, I was wrong.

There are a lot of differences, too many, in fact, to cover in a single post. Therefore, I will be reviewing this server in two parts. Today, we will revisit what it looked like in March and then check out the spawn area as it exists today. In Part 2, which will be published sometime this weekend most likely, I will show you life outside the spawn, my new home, and why you should check out this server. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.3

Here is what the spawn area looked like nearly 3 months ago:

At that point in time I thought that the server was sort of cool but wasn’t amazing. My opinion changed when I saw it the other day. Now, it is amazing.

Welcome…to KOOL-CRAFT!

This is the new spawn area. It is pretty awesome, just saying.

As always you must read the rules (Dani is very strict about that, everyone must read the rules). There are also challenges for people to complete

They are all building challenges intended to make the world a lot ‘awesomer.’ This is actually one of the big reasons why the server has changed so much.

The tower is still here, and yes, it is supposed to be a DNA strand.

Now they have a shop. Since I live in the desert, I have come here a lot to buy resources to make my home a lot better. It makes life a lot easier.

Woah! Trippy man…yes, it is quite…bright.

New tower. This one is pretty neat and provides quite the view.

Here is some cool stuff created for the server. We’ll get back to that Enderman later.

This looks like a standard minecart but it is really an elevator.

You stand here and hold down the right mouse button to travel up the minecarts to the top of the tower.

This is the DaNi statue. I don’t know who made it but it is pretty cool.

This is the white building that we covered before. It used to be empty, not the case anymore.

Nice brewing area here.

More creations

Kool-Craft…in 3-D!

Oooo, more awesome stuff. Don’t worry I will show each of these up close in a second.

Cool fountain and the maze which I conquered last time…excellent.

Oh look, it’s Mr. Enderman.Wait…HE’S GOT DIAMOND! KILL HIM!

Hello there Mr. Creeper. What, or who, is that behind you? Who you ask…PIKACHU!!!

Here is the jail. I think it has 4 cells and a bunch of cake. I don’t understand the cake but very nice.

XP village. Here you can go in and fight off a crap load of mobs to get XP. Go figure…nice addition though.

Hi Skeleton! You know my friend Tyler made quite the contraption the other day, a skeleton torture chamber. Well we ran out of participants, would you like to try it out?

Oh my goodness. Is that what I think it is?

Well guys, Mother Nature is calling, I need to “relieve myself” over here so don’t look.

Cool lighthouse.

This isn’t part of spawn but here is a nice town. It’s called Mine Town.

Hello. It’s a-me Mario.

Cue Mario theme music! Click play above!

Pokemon! Gotta catch them all!

Thanks for reading everyone! Here is some other news that I figure you guys would probably like to know. Tyler and I have our last day of school tomorrow and are graduating on Friday. Then on Saturday, Tyler leaves for Germany. He will be gone until July. Since he is busy with stuff right now and since he will be gone for a month, you guys are stuck with me writing all the posts for the next 3 and a half weeks. I don’t think Tyler will write another post before he leaves so I just wanted to share that with you guys. So, here’s to a fun trip in Germany for Tyler and an awesome graduation for Tyler and I on Friday.

Happy Mining!


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