Graduation and Snapshot 12w23b (159/365)

Hey everyone. Really late post tonight. Work was hell and I didn’t get home til about 10:40 so yeah, post time.

Today was the last day of school for Tyler and I. No more tests. No more homework. No more stress. That is, until college. So tomorrow, Tyler and I will officially graduate along with another 469 students in our class. There is an all-night grad party at the school afterwards so, basically, if I don’t get the post done by about 5 pm tomorrow then there won’t be a post because I won’t be back home until Saturday morning. And even then, I will be dead and will go straight to bed.

Just thought I would share that with you. Here is a little graduation cap I made the other day. It isn’t that great, but it works.

In other news, Mojang released a new snapshot this week. They first released 12w23a and then had to fix a crashing problem. So here is Snapshot 12w23b. They didn’t add anything huge this week which is why I am not doing a full post on it.

  • Enchantment levels are slightly exponential again
    • It now takes 825 experience to reach level 30.
    • The first 16 levels are linear, while level 17+ require more points per level to the maximum level of 30.
  • Added End Portal Frame to creative inventory.
  • Tripwire adjusted
    • Tripwire is now activated by all entities, including arrows.
    • The max distance has been increased to 40 blocks.
  • Boats adjusted
    • Boats can accelerate to faster than previous speeds.
    • Boats are now easier to control.
  • Wooden Pressure Plates detect arrows.
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes.
  • Texture Packs that are in folders and not in a zip file are recognized as a texture pack.
    • Texture Pack image is displayed for folder-based texture packs.
  • The player can now see the cracking effect on blocks when other players mine blocks in multiplayer.

That’s it. Just thought I would let you guys know of its existence. This is Jonah, signing off, saying good night and Happy Mining!


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