LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 10 (Season 2 Finale) Part 1- System Failure (162/365)

*This part of the chapter had one task, but I created more. Therefore, I won’t even say what the task was.*

Today we begin Part 1 of the LOST Season 2 finale. This chapter will focus on the hatch.

We begin on the beach. After the funeral for both Ana Lucia and Libby, one of the survivors sees a boat drifting off shore. Jack, Sawyer, and Sayid go investigate the boat and find Desmond on board. He comes to their camp and tells them how he could not escape the island and compares their situation to living in a snowglobe, no outside world, and no escape. When a faithless Locke finds Desmond he talks to him about the hatch and what he learned about it from the Pearl video. He convinces Desmond to help him remove Eko from the hatch to keep him from pressing the button. The next morning, the Operation Don’t-Press-The-Button begins.

Eko has moved into the hatch and he will never stop pressing the button. You must remove him from the hatch and show him that the button has no purpose.

Desmond plans to shut off the lights, removing Eko from the dome room. Then Desmond and Locke will move into the dome room and lock Eko out.

Desmond’s old partner, Kelvin, taught Desmond a way to fake a lockdown. By connecting a couple wires, blast doors come down from the ceiling and prevent anyone from getting in, and getting out.

You flip the switch and then all the doors come down.

While Locke and Desmond wait for the clock to reach zero, Eko attempts to blow open one of the doors with dynamite. He fails and the blast knocks him out. Locke and Desmond talk for a while, and Desmond eventually asks about the Pearl video that Locke saw. He wonders if Locke was confused and if the hatch really is important. He wants to see the video but can’t watch it down in the Swan. Locke does give him an access log though, it shows all of the times on record that the button was pushed. On the log, Desmond finds something disturbing, and we finally know the truth.

On September 22, 2004, Oceanic 815 crashed onto the island. On that same day, at that same time, Desmond failed to press the button, causing all hell to break loose on the island. He was able to press the button eventually, but the plane still crashed. When Desmond saw this, he told Locke: “I think I crashed your plane.” Oh snap.

With only 4 minutes left on the countdown, Desmond tries to convince Locke that they need to push the button. Locke remains certain, though, that the button is a lie. Desmond tries to push the button, but Locke destroys the computer before he can do so. Fearing that Locke has just killed everyone, Desmond goes to Plan B.

Beneath the dome, there is a failsafe.

As the timer reaches zero, Desmond climbs down saying that he is going to “blow the dam.” He is going to destroy the electro-magnetic energy, which will destroy the hatch, and most certainly, kill Desmond.

As the hatch shakes with Locke and Eko still inside, Desmond prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice. He flips the switch.

Outside, the whole island starts to vibrate and everyone can hear a deafening whir sound. They also notice that the sky has turned purple. And then, it stops.

Later, the survivors find what’s left of the hatch.

*Bonus pic* Pressing that switch didn’t actually cause all that TNT to go off. But I did have fun blowing all of it up. There isn’t anything left.

The Swan is gone.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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