Minecraft Pocket Edition (164/365)

Hello world! Today I am trying to do a post completely from my iPod. Because today, I finally bought Minecraft Pocket Edition.

I thought that it was unfair that we, The Block Brothers, have reviewed only the PC and 360 versions of Minecraft. I have also wondered how exactly the PE edition plays. So here we go…

The Pocket Edition is available for iOS and Android. For $6.99 you can get the full version, but there is also a demo version which you can get for free. Right now, the game is in its first steps. It just recently integrated crafting. Only certain blocks are available and the only hostile mobs are zombies. So, like I said, first steps. Let’s see some pictures. All of these pictures were taken from my iPod so I don’t know how they will turn out on this post.

This is the main menu.

Choose your world or create a new one.

Minecraft, from years ago.

This world is not infinite, just like in the 360 version. But this is much smaller, 255×255 blocks to be exact.

You can go 3rd person. But it’s getting dark so I should go hide.

AHHH!!! They aren’t very scary in PC, but in PE they are a little scary.

Told you.

These are all the blocks and other items that are available in PE.



This is what the inventory screen looks like.

This is the crafting menu. It is kind of weird but it works.

And here is the pause menu.

Overall, this isn’t that bad. You move using the arrows on the bottom left corner. You jump automatically when moving but you can also jump manually using the center button. You move the screen/camera by moving your finger across the screen.

It can be kind of awkward and uncomfortable at times when playing and trying to kill certain mobs can be a hassle. It is an older version which is hard to get used to but it was worth the money that I spent on it.

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Mining!


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