Minecraft Server: Kool-Craft 2.0 Part 2 (165/365)

Hello one and all! I am finally going to bring you Part 2 of my server review for Kool-Craft. I have also decided to do a part 3. Today, for Part 2, I will show you guys some of the kool creations outside of spawn and some other updates. In Part 3, I will show you only my house/town. I, and Tyler for the two times he’s been on the server, have created a neat little home in the desert. It is somewhat similar to our town in Cobble Town but better.

Back to business. First, I will show you some updates on the server that were made a few days ago.

The spawn area got a makeover. Instead of mossy cobblestone we now have sandstone and bricks. Honestly, I preferred the mossy cobble but this is still nice.

The jail also got a makeover.

No more cake. Now there is a tree and some lovely benches.

That’s it for the updates. Now there is a project that someone is currently working on. Someone is building the Empire State Building. The exterior has been finished and it looks pretty nice.

It is about 110 blocks high and I think that they plan to have it done very soon.

Here are some other cool things outside of the spawn area.

This is the thing I previewed a couple days ago. This is a giant snake. You need to have Minecraft on Far in order to see the whole thing.

The snake’s mouth.

Snake interior

This is Sky City. It is made entirely out of wool.

But not even Sky City is safe from those damn creepers.

Wanna go for a little ride?

Well, not so much a ride. It’s more like a jump

Followed by a really really long fall.

That’s it everyone. I will have Part 3 published soon. In Part 3 I will show my house and then I will talk about the server in general; how it runs, why it’s “kool,” and then give my final recommendation and rating for it.

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy Mining!


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